Writing is changing

Digital technologies are transforming reading, publishing and bookselling, creating multiple opportunities for writers interested in experimentation and innovation.  Within a few years, all emerging writers will be expected to be engaged with new forms as well as new ways of connecting with audiences. But what does it mean to write text for a screen? What happens to literature once it moves off the page and into a web-browser, onto tablets, mobiles and other devices?  As the digital and physical merge, what territories will literature explore? At Bath Spa University, digital forms are embedded in the creative writing curriculum from undergraduate through MA and PhD level. This website showcases some of that work.

We work closely with the Making Books: Creativity, Print Culture and the Digital Research Centre, the Digital Writing Research Cluster, and the Centre for Creative Writing.

We also co-sponsor The Writing Platform, a website that provides digital knowledge for writers.

We are partners in the two year AHRC-funded research project, Ambient Literature. Visit the Ambient Literature blog here.