Monthly Archives: December 2015

Week Ten: December 7: Immersive Worlds and Video Game Writing

Taught by Kayt Lackie


The first half of the class will look at writing for videogames. We’ll look at game design basics, characteristics of different genres and storytelling macrostructures.

Shared World Exercise and Live Action Role-play

To explore collaborative storytelling, shared world development and game mechanics, the class will be roleplaying a LARP scenario. The game design team will facilitate the game and class members will role-play the characters they have developed over the last few weeks.

Preparatory Exercise 1: Students are reminded to develop their character, choose their community and post to the wiki. Students are encouraged to read other contributions to the wiki.

Preparatory Exercise 2: Students on the game design team will participate in the development of a LARP for their peers via the shared google doc.

After the exercise, the class will discuss the experience.


The second half of this class will offer students time to work on their final projects. They will be expected to have their materials with them.  Both Professor Pullinger and the tutor will be available to assist students.