Monthly Archives: April 2016

Christine Wilks to Keynote at ELO 2016

Our very own PhD student Christine Wilks has been invited to keynote at ELO16, the annual conference of the Electronic Literature Organisation.

ELO16 is a key event in the digital literature calendar, inviting papers across a variety of sub-topics, including games, digital publishing, fan-fiction and more.

Christine will present on the second day of the conference, held at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, showcasing her work on Stitched Up, an interactive digital text-based psychological thriller. This will dive deeper into how audiences interact with non-linear narratives, and the issue of choice, asking how best to steer readers through ‘possible worlds’.

Joel is a ‘dude in distress’, placed in a precarious position by Hannah, the antagonist. It is up to Sarah, Joel’s wife, to save his proverbial bacon, in a reversal of typical video-gaming tropes. A psychological thriller rather than an action adventure, Christine’s work is part of a new wave of digital fiction, challenging old stereotypes and forging new paths.

Supervised by Kate Pullinger, Naomi Alderman and Hongji Yang, Christine Wilks is a digital writer, artist and developer of playable stories. Her digital fiction Underbelly won the New Media Writing Prize 2010 and the MaMSIE Digital Media Competition 2011. Those wishing to learn more, and to experience her interactive narratives, digital poetry and artworks can do so here.

ELO 2016 will be held 10-12 June, 2016.