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Week 10: Roleplaying Games

Our final class will centre around the participatory storyworld we have been developing over the course of the module. For the first half hour, we will premier the B.O.R.S. web series. After this we will briefly discuss the rules of the game and go through a few roleplaying exercises.

At 17:00 we will move over to G23-24 to run our analog game. Students are encouraged to furnish their characters with costuming (strictly no weapons allowed unless larp-safe). The game will last an hour and a half. For the final part of the class, we will hold a post larp-debrief, looking at the game mechanics, storytelling and structure of the exercise.

CLASS WIKI: Victorian Bath


Bartle Type Quiz with Class Code

B.O.R.S. Web Series Premiere We will watch the completed series in order.
Roleplaying Exercises Gather in your arranged factions and get to know your characters.
Victorian Bath LRP Game playthrough run by the game design team.
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