Week 5: Writing for Interaction

This week is focused on how to write for interaction, focusing on interactive narrative. The aim is to start to build on the relationship between duration, rhythm, and reading that we started considering last week when discussing writing and social media.

At the start of class, we’ll be workshopping your social media writing started last week, so be sure to spend time this week finishing them.


Assigned Reading

Writing Interactive Fiction with Twine by Melissa Ford (Read the start of the book that is available on Google books, particularly chapter 2). This will just give you some sense of the general terrain of interactive fiction.

Take some time to read and look at a few of these examples:

And start to familiarize yourself with Twine.

Additional Reading

Interactive Fiction Database

Laura Michet

Twine 2.0 Beginner’s Guide


  1. We’ll be workshopping your social media writing from last week, so be sure to finish them up.
  2. Create a piece of interactive writing using Twine.