Week 7: Video Poetry and Web Series

Poet Lucy English will be joining us for the first part of the class, discussing her work in video poetry. After this, we will have our reverse classroom in Web television series, with each student sharing the research they conducted into their chosen series. For the remainder of the class, we will work on our class-wide B.O.R.S. web series.

Note: For those looking for more information, I will send out a Web Series Prezi via Minerva.

Reading / Viewing

See Web Series list on Gdocs
Byte-Sized Television by Ross Brown
Web Series: How to Make and Market Them by Dan Williams

B.O.R.S. Web Series We will create a web series as a class, with small groups writing and filming the episodes. First, we will conduct a preliminary writers’ room en masse and then break off into smaller groups to write individual episodes. The content will be based on the B.O.R.S. organisation introduced last week.